Morrow Project

In 1962, a man by the name of Bruce Edward Morrow, origin unknown, gathered nine of the country’s leading industrialists into an organization known as The Council of Tomorrow. What method of coercion he may have used to achieve this feat remains a matter mostly for conjecture. The consensus of noted historians indicates that Morrow was a rare form of esper. He seemed to have possessed the ability to transport himself and some small amount of nearby matter into or out of the future. Building a convincing argument from the future, he and the council structured an organization dedicated to the continued survival of the human race beyond the point of destruction.

This organization brought forth the concept of the Morrow Project; an ambitious plan to cryogenically freeze special teams and equipment to aid in the reconstruction of the U.S. after nuclear war. For many years the Project secretly stored their teams to await the proper time for reawakening. Gradually their processes improved and their equipment became more advanced. In 1979, Morrow returned from a long absence bearing a small device which proved to be a functioning fusion power plant and advanced laser technology. In 2007, the Project carried out a complete updating of all the previously “stored” equipment, opening the buried and sealed chambers of the sleepers without waking them and leaving behind new equipment, vehicles, and the instruction manuals on how to operate them.

The prime central base of the Morrow Project is a vast underground complex designed to sustain the lives of some one hundred and fifty people through the holocaust that occurred in 2017, and to act as a central communications point for the rest of the Project when they should wake. So thorough was their recording that this base remains as the only comprehensive source of information on pre-war times. A few teams ventured out from Prime Base on reconnaissance missions shortly after the end of the war, and they soon found they could establish a viable community. It looked as if the mission of the Project was going to be completed without a hitch, but such good fortune was not to be theirs. A small war with a madman named Krell resulted in the destruction of the colony by a nuclear bomb and the loss of Prime Base to biological sabotage.

With their control base inoperative the Morrow teams continued to sleep for 150 years. When their long-delayed wake-up signal was finally sent by a damaged computer they found themselves in a hostile world. Survival was the key word for most of the remnants of the battered US.

This is the world of the Morrow Project as it runs in this game. The personnel of the Project are all well trained, but they are not combat veterans, nor do they engage in wholesale slaughter. Pledged to help humanity recover in whatever way they can, they can easily lose sight of their own ideals and adopt the brutal code of survival. They must find Prime Base and each other in order to survive. Will your team survive?

Introduction from the 1980 Morrow Project rulebook

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Morrow Project

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